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October 09
Sorry, this app is incompatible with your version of Access

This is just a quick post in case anyone else has this same issue. I’ve been there, I feel your frustration, I’m here to help. Last night at the Birmingham SharePoint User Group meeting, the incomparable Laura Rogers was doing a presentation and demo with Access Services. Now, I’ll save my soapbox on Access Services versus InfoPath for some other time, because believe me, it will just turn me all red in the face, and you don’t want me to venture down that ranting, raving rabbit hole.

Laura was demonstrating how to use Access Services to create a Help Desk app. What she was explaining before she started sounded kind of cool, so I thought I’d fire up my VM and follow along, playing with things and testing things out. She was cool with that, especially since she was using Office 365 and I was using a VM, which would mimic an on premises deployment. There were a couple of things she had noticed in her work with that version that she wondered if it was the same in both scenarios.

So I played along and logged into my VM, which I knew had been working because I had worked with Access Services before. I logged into the SharePoint site as a user… By the way, you can’t create an Access App while logged in as the System Account! I go to my site and click the Site Actions cog and then click Add an app. I select Access App and name it Help Desk (this is what Laura is demonstrating) and all seems to go well. The app creates, and I click to open it, and then click to customize it in the Access client.

Any guesses as to what happened next? I get this lovely (not) error that says “Sorry, this app is incompatible with your version of Access.” What? I’m pretty sure everything I have is up to date, right? So I run through and check, and of course, I remember there’ve been some updates recently that have come as security patches and still require you to run the SharePoint 2013 Products Configuration Wizard to apply the updates. I *may* not have remembered on this VM, so I run through the process and sure enough, I hadn’t. So I think this might fix the issue and I let it run while I’m watching Laura work. It didn’t fix the issue.

Now what? I’m checking office updates and I find that there have been a couple specific to Access 2013. Hmmm, wonder if that’s part of the issue? A little more research and I find that it’s highly likely that one of these patches is the culprit. KB2752093 has been installed on this machine, and I’ve heard rumblings that this has been known to cause a few issues. I uninstall the patch and try to edit my Access App again. It now works. So, if you run across this problem, check your machine for this patch and uninstall it. This is a client patch (Microsoft Office Update) so you may have to uninstall it from more than one machine.

To Uninstall:

  1. Open Control Panel
  2. In the Programs section, click Uninstall a program
  3. On the left, click View installed updates
  4. Locate the update in the list and click on it
  5. Click Uninstall in the menu bar above the list of updates

Hope this helps some of you!


Happy SharePointing!

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