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March 10
More Information for SharePoint with Azure IaaS

With the growing popularity of cloud services, especially around infrastructure the last couple of years, a common question I’ve been asked is if SharePoint is supported on Azure. I have answered this question many ways, and usually it was prefaced with “well, what do you want to do with it?”

The following article was updated in February finally and indicates that finally I can say, “Yes, but let’s make sure that’s the right solution for what you need.” I am thrilled to see the changes to this article. Previously it only indicated some of the DR, Dev, and test architectures, while it depended on who you asked as to whether SharePoint was supported for any kind of production environment. Last June, it was quietly starting to happen more and more often that SharePoint was being supported for production in Azure. I was consistently afraid to just have a blanket, “Yes, it’s supported” statement because I couldn’t find really good documentation that stated that.

According to the article here: All indications are that yes, SharePoint in a production environment is supported in Azure. There are some good guidelines about whether or not this should be done for any and all environments as well. I highly recommend that you read through these, understand why the scenario might be better served another way, and be prepared to justify those trade-offs if needed.

This was very exciting for me to see supported more publicly. Thanks to all who worked on getting this out there.


Happy SharePointing (in Azure)!

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