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May 06
SharePoint 2016 General Availability

I decided to give it a few days for people to digest the announcements made this week. Because really, if you follow anything SharePoint, you know there was an event happening May the 4th (yes, it was THAT day) and that there was all this hype about the new things that were coming. I am fortunate enough to work for this little company called Microsoft that sells SharePoint both online and on prem. I also happen to work for them specifically to support SharePoint and so of course I was waiting with bated breath for this event.

Now, because I work for Microsoft, we have internal training opportunities that happen a couple of times a year. I was at one of these events a couple of months ago and was given a little taste of some of the things that were being announced. The last couple of years have been a struggle. It seemed so much focus was going into Office 365 and SharePoint was just a seemingly small portion of that. Don’t be fooled, though, it may seem like it’s just a subset of the functionality, but in reality it’s HUGE. In that light, though, the last couple of years, my excitement about SharePoint had been waning. I was feeling like maybe we’ve reached maximum innovation in that arena, there seemed to be very little new happening. When I saw the sneak peaks of what was coming, though, I was blown away. I seriously walked out of the room after talking to the team responsible and said “I’m excited about SharePoint again!”

The full event was amazing to watch. If you weren’t one of the thousands of people to watch it live, there’s a lot of ways to get to see the announcements. You can go to the blog post here on the Future of SharePoint. Or you can still go to the event site and register, then click the link at the bottom left to log in and view the event as it was recorded. I highly recommend that you go watch or read the announcements. There’s so much cool stuff coming for SharePoint both on premises and online. I’m very excited by the innovation and forward thinking of the team on how people work.

As many of my fellow SharePoint Pros commented, there was just a quick blurb about the new things for developers, and there was no mention of the new things for IT Pros really, most of the excitement was about improvements that users want or need. Where we SharePoint pros fit in is in how we can help engineer the environments we support to ensure those new features are accessible to our users. Developers get a whole new “SharePoint Framework” and I won’t even try to describe what that is, I have no ability to add to the brilliant people who have already talked about it here. Regardless of the lack of announcements for us specifically, I’m still very excited about the new features that are coming and the speed at which they are planning to release them. I am renewed and refreshed in my excitement to support SharePoint and look forward to helping my customers make use of these new features soon!


Happy SharePointing!

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